Waiola is a locally owned and operated coconut water company. The company’s slogan of “naturally untouched” meant finding the highest quality coconut that gave the best taste without adding sweeteners. Waiola believed that “less is more.”

Designing for Waiola meant keeping it simple. Information should be clear, concise and consistent with the brand. Worked with the sales team to create custom marketing decks for potential accounts, designed point-of-purchase materials for in-store displays, packaging for new products, and social media posts to boost sales and increase brand reach.

Point of Purchase

Point of Purchases for in-store displays or tastings.

Social Media Posts


Designed several packaging such as 12 pack cases of coconut water to individual bags of coconut chips.


Event photography covering Waiola ambassador, Zak Noyle’s, Aquatography event at Sandy Beach. Zak’s hands-on event teaches young creatives about water photography which is what Zak Noyle is well-known for.