Bess Press


Since 1979, Bess Press continues to publish books for Hawai‘i. Bess Press learned that in order to grow, they must listen to their supporters – the community and educators. Throughout the years, Bess Press has expanded their lineup which range from educational titles covering cultural and historical content to early childhood readers.

Designing for Bess Press made me aware of how important the audience is, which is an important part of the design process. In order to be in tune with current times, Bess Press sought to modernize older titles to a bolder visual language.

Eddie Aikau

5” x 6”, hardcover, 115 printed pages.

Eddie Aikau: Hawaiian Hero is a biography about one of Hawai‘i’s iconic watermen. Eddie was a fearless young man, known for surfing the biggest waves in Waimea Bay and saving hundreds of lives as a lifeguard in the North Shore. While rediscovering his Hawaiian heritage by participating in a transpacific voyage on the iconic Polynesian voyaging canoe, the Hōkūle‘a, disaster struck. In an attempt to search for help by paddling back to O‘ahu’s south shore, Eddie never came back. Although he is still missing, his legacy lives on through an internationally known big wave contest called “the Eddie” and a plaque on the Hōkūle‘a.

Island Readers Box Set

4 series set. Each set consists of 10 readers, a total of 40 readers. 12-24 printed pages, 5”x8”.

Island Readers is an island-themed, learning-to-read series that focus on fundamental reading concepts. The series progresses incrementally starting for children from Kindergarten to 1st grade.

Bess Press Book Catalog

Printed and digital book catalog for the public and educators. Featuring titles published and distributed by Bess Press. A modular grid layout enables flexibility in layouts while maintaining consistency, such as the ability to feature notable titles or multiple titles on a spread.

Hawaiians of Old

9.75”x 11.25”, hardcover, 228 printed pages.

Hawaiians of Old is textbook covering the history and life of ancient Hawaiians up until contact with Captain Cook in 1778. The previous edition of Hawaiians of Old was over 15 years old and in need of a complete overhaul. The goal of the refresh is to incorporate a brighter, colorful, visually impactful style to engage the 4th level readers. Each section is differentiated by color, larger san-serif type for better legibility, pull-quotes, and high resolution photographs and illustrations by local artists if available.

Cover Redesigns