Adventist Health Castle


Adventist Health Castle is a 160-bed hospital serving the entire Windward community in Kailua. Adventist Health Castle is a faith-based hospital dedicated in providing the safest and highest quality care by compassionate providers.

As an in-house designer and part of a system of other Adventist Health hospitals in the west-coast, brand consistency is a priority from a macro and micro level. To better connect with our community, we believed it is significant to accurately portray our demographic in our marketing by taking our own photos with members of our community.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Examples of direct mail pieces advertising Adventist Health Castle’s services and quarterly free health seminars. The post cards reach over 20,000 homes in the Windward community. Direct mail pieces are an essential part to Castle’s marketing effort as it keeps the older population informed, which is our primary audience.

Print Ads

Advertisements placed in Windward specific publications such as Kāne‘ohe Magazine and GoKailua. Ads promote Adventist Health Castle’s services (right) and remind the community that our clinics are always accepting new patients (left).

Diabetes Handbook

The Diabetes Self Management Handbook is a tool used by Castle’s Diabetes Educator to help educate patients about diabetes and recommend ways to improve their lifestyle and reduce complications.

With the need of a reprint approaching, the lead Diabetes Educator wanted a refresh of their Diabetes Self Management Handbook for their patients. 

The redesign features a new cover highlighting the different aspects of the program – healthier food options, daily exercise, and support from diabetes educators and peers. The interior is overhauled with visuals consistent with the brand, updated information, and added imagery. 

The lead educator requested to include tabs for each weekly section to help patients navigate the handbook easier. With a limited budget and small print quantity (as information changes regularly), custom die-cut tabs were not possible. As a workaround, I extended the tabs by 1/8th inch to the right on cover paper stock.

Physician Recruitment Brochure

A tri-fold brochure used to recruit future physicians for Adventist Health Castle. Not only does the brochure highlight Castle being in one of the most desirable destinations of O‘ahu, but Castle is also proud of its patient-centered care, achievements and recognition, and outstanding physician engagement. In addition, Castle lists its community clinics throughout the Windward community and hospital services.

2020 Annual Quality Report

Every year, Adventist Health Castle publishes its annual report consisting of the data that has been collected throughout the year to measure the quality of care of the hospital. To reinforce Adventist Health Castle as a safe and award-winning facility, the annual report features numerous achievements and recognition given throughout the year, positive patient testimonials, and data juxtaposed against national averages.


Adventist Health Castle publishes two newsletters throughout the year, Ulupono and Castle MD.

Castle MD is published quarterly and aimed for physicians of the hospital. Castle MD includes hospital-related news, clinical information, quarterly staff meeting highlights, introductions to new providers, and upcoming department-specific meetings. Each issue includes a biography of a physician, highlighting who they are beyond the white coat. It could be a hobby, a passion, or a life-changing event. The cover serves as a sneak-peek into each doctor’s personal life which also gives Castle MD its unique look.

Ulupono is a monthly newsletter about any hospital-related affairs such as community events, programs, awards and recognition, and health and lifestyle articles. The goal of the newsletter is to spread awareness to employees and the public that Adventist Health Castle is involved in the wellness of their staff and the Windward community.

Joint and Spine Center

The orthopedic, or Joint and Spine Center, is one of their major departments of Adventist Health Castle. An average 20% of the population in the Windward community are ages 65 or older which results in residents needing orthopedic surgery at one point in their life. To address that need, Castle created a variety of marketing materials such as informational brochures, direct mailers, and print ads in publications. One of the most successful campaigns is the direct mailer advertising orthopedic seminars, at no cost, that are held quarterly. This allows future patients to meet an orthopedic professional, learn about different types of joint pain, and ask any questions.

Hawai‘i Center for Metabolic Surgery

Another important part of Adventist Health Castle is the surgical weight loss department. Approximately 30% of the population in Hawai‘i are obese (BMI over 30). Castle surgical weight loss procedure is the most effective solution to morbidly obese patients. In addition to the surgery, Castle offers a comprehensive program for patients consisting of pre and post-surgery care, nutritional, lifestyle, exercise, and emotional support. Castle created two distinct brochures, one for the public and the other for physician referrals. Also, publishing print ads in local and inter-island publications.


Being in the middle of the Pacific, Hawai‘i is home to a variety of ethnic backgrounds such as Native Hawaiians and Asian immigrants. Majority of the stock imagery available feature Caucasians which do not accurately portray Hawai‘i’s demographic. I worked with the Director of Marketing to organize photo sessions, direct, photograph and edit images to use in our marketing materials. Using photography that represented our demographic was important in making the connection to the community.