Island Readers

Client: Pass-the-Projects, Bess Press

Layout and packaging design, most photography done by self. Character illustrations done by Ann Kondo Corum.

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ISLAND READERS is a new PreK-2nd grade developmental reading series. “Island Readers” are applicable for both the classroom and home.

The book sets work together consecutively, so that as young readers learn, his or her ability grows.


An Oahu based K-1 teacher who wished to use literature in the classroom with local themes developed the series.  She wanted a book series with fundamental elements and contexts that her emergent readers could relate to, such as growing up in an island setting.


The series totals 40 books and are available in 4 individual sets of 10 books, or as a complete set.  Each of the phonetic concepts covered builds upon the previous level.


The books are designed for mixed or combined use in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. In some cases, the books may also be used in Pre-Kindergarten settings.  Each of the 40 books was designed to help children develop a love of reading in an engaging and fun manner.