Joseph Abad


A camera and a pencil are my tools. Since childhood, I’ve always been creating something, whether its a futuristic spaceship with Legos or a drawing inspired by my favorite Japanese anime. After 2 years of debating which typeface to use for my projects and sleepless nights to meet deadlines, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Hawaii in Manoa in 2011.

From viewing the monitor for more than 8 hours a day, looking at the world through a viewfinder started to become therapeutic for me. What started as a prerequisite course for the design program, photography propagated into a lifelong passion. There is something satisfying about feeling an instinct within to capture the moment of a specific scene or subject which can be forgotten a second later. My biggest influence is the photography of the late Garry Winogrand, the man who knew how to candidly document the vibrant life around America. My style definitely is inspired by “street photographer” legends, let the story unfold undisturbed and get those moments.

During my career as both a graphic designer and photographer I’ve worked with companies such as Bess Press, Pass-the-Projects, Waiola Coconut Water, HAYN, KICKS/HI, Photo Ops Hawaii, and have the opportunity to shoot for Roy Nuesca Photography and Seeking Films.

When time permits, I love to travel. I make it a goal to travel across the Pacific Ocean at least once a year. I’ve explored Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. My travels have given me a wider perspective and a greater appreciation of the world. But while at home, I frequent the Curb in Kaimuki for a delicious, fresh cup of coffee from Intelligentsia or Olympia Coffee Roasters. Also, I am an avid film photography enthusiast. The work flow of shooting film with my mechanical Leica M2 is quite liberating, as weird as that sounds.

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